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§1. Definitions exclusively related to this document hereinafter are referred to as Terms of Service1. Whenever the Terms of Service mentions the definitions pointed below, these definitions are used within the Terms of Service are concerned by the following meaning:

Terms of Service – Current document determining the functioning rules related to SEOUPPER

Service and use of Service and functionalities offered within the Service.

Provider – Owner of SEOUPPER service – SEOWAY Sp. z o.o. Sabały 60 02-174 Warszawa,

SEOUPPER – The web application available at seoupper.com allowing for the use of Service.

Service – The SEOUPPER service allowing for creating and managing content network based on the WordPress content management system.

User – An adult person, having full legal capacity, using SEOUPPER service by the rules described in this Terms of Service.

Application – The web application available at seoupper.com domain dedicated to SEOUPPER.

Account – The resource created by a User allowing the User to use the Service and it’s parameters according to the selected and purchased Membership Plan.

Membership Plan – A publicly visible element of the Provider’s offer defining parameters for accessing the Application and determining evaluation of the Provider & User Agreement stated in a separate document.

§2. General Provisions1. The Terms of Service determines the conditions of using the Services, the rights and obligations of the User regarding the use of the Service, and the rights and obligations of the Provider.

2. The User acknowledges that one has to become acquainted with the content of the Terms of the Service, acknowledges that the Terms of Service is fully understandable for one, and that one accepts the Terms of Service and abides by the rules stated hereby.

§3. Service Accessibility Guidelines and Technical Conditions1. In order for the User to make use of the Service, access to the World Wide Web and web browser are required.

2. The Provider suggests using the most up-to-date web browser versions. Minimal requirements are: Chrome ver. 11, Firefox ver. 4 or higher, Opera ver. 11 or higher, and Safari ver. 5 or higher. The Provider does not guarantee correctness of the system functionality, if maintained using older web browser versions.

3. The Provider does not take responsibility for damages or malfunctions caused by: – Disruption during the Service functioning, or the Service unavailability that are caused by reasons independent from the Provider, or disruption followed by events which the Provider was unable to prevent the Service from including functionality of services independent from the Provider like a telecommunications network,
– unauthorized access to the Account,
– failure to comply with the hereby presented Terms of Service
– risks associated with usage of the Internet such as hacking, and virus infection regarding the User files.

§4. Duration of Service Agreement and Terms of Termination1. The Parties shall conclude a contract for an indefinite period upon the opening of an account, the payment of the relevant charges and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

2 Termination shall take effect as a result of:
– Deleting the account by the User
– Exceeding the due date of the payment for the Service
– Failure to comply with the hereby presented Terms of Service

§5. Terms of Payment for the Service1. Each and every User is given the right to test the Service completely free of charge for 14 days from the registration date.

2. The User interested in further use of the Service is required to pay the applicable payment in accordance with the selected package, and the Service pricing.

3. Transactions are carried out through PayPal.

4. After having recorded the payment on an account referred to in the Service, the Provider agrees to issue taxed invoices in electronic form and make it available to the User in electronic form, in which the User agrees and accepts these Terms of Use.

5. In the case of a justified complaint service, the Provider may ask the User a final amount paid for access to the Service.

6. Claims for services must be made by the User in writing to the contact@seoupper.com email address.

7. The complaint should include identification information such as name, User name, e-mail address, as well as a detailed description and reason for the Complaint.

8. The Provider will consider the complaint within 14 working days of it’s receipt and shall promptly notify the User by e-mail on how to handle it.

§ 6. The Rights and Obligations of the Parties1. The Service Provider represents that it has the right and appropriate tools for the provision of services and is committed to providing the highest quality of services.

2. The Service Provider has the right to suspend the account of the User and terminate the agreement concluded by the acceptance of these Terms of Service if the User violates the rights of the third parties, the present Terms of Service and generally accepted principles and norms of the Internet and SaaS services (Software as a Service).

3. The Service Provider has the right to make technical interruptions in the operation and maintenance of the SEOUPPER application due to the need of maintenance, replacement of equipment, software or development of individual system elements of SEOUPPER with a preceding notice.

4. The Provider agrees to plan breaks and communicate to the user with 24 hours in advance as referred to in paragraph 3 of this article. This obligation does not refer to the situation where the break occurred with sudden and unforeseen reasons such as failure.

5. The User is obliged to use the Service in accordance with these Terms Of Service, applicable law, social and moral norms, general principles of use from the Internet, and in particular, does not violate any third party rights, and the rights of the Provider.

6. In order to correct the Service, the User is obliged to provide true personal data and update it. The User agrees to assume full responsibility in the event of breach of this duty.

7. The User is solely responsible for his activities in the Service.

§ 7. Personal Information and Privacy1. By creating an Account, the User agrees to the site and one’s personal data processing statement presented by the Provider in order to correctly maintain the Service. Personal data will be used by the Provider to send an e-mail concerning technical information SEOUPPER system operation, maintenance breaks or the changes in the Service, and promotional material relating to the services provided by the Provider and cooperating partners.

2. The Provider does not share and will not sell the User’s personal information to any other entities or to third parties.

3. The Provider may disclose the User’s personal information only to entities authorized under applicable law, in accordance with the Environmental Privacy Policy provisions of the Terms of Service and applicable laws.

4. The User has the right to access the User’s data stored by the Provider and right to update this data and to request its removal.

5. The Provider commits to due diligence to ensure the confidentiality of all information received from the User in order to properly provide the Service.

§ 8. Final Provisions1. In other matters not regulated by the Terms of Services, the provisions of the Civil Code and the applicable law.

2. Parties undertake to resolve any dispute amicably. Terms of Service come into force on the 14th of November, 2013.