Private Blog Network +500% — a Case Study

Creating a SEO PBN that is cheap and fast, and that will at the same time generate more traffic to your website and strengthen your site’s position in the search results doesn’t have to be an impossible task.  A while ago we created a Case Study — ”How to quickly and affordably create your own SEO PBN?” — dedicated to proving just that.

Why should you have your own PBN and how soon should you create it?

Owning your own PBN is still a powerful weapon in the battle for the top positions in Google. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this method is over other ones is the ability to have full control during the creation process and linking to the target site. Should the Google algorithm change, we can quickly adjust the linking scheme. If we add to this the automation of the aforementioned activities, something SEOUPPER enables us to do, we obtain an effective and fast way to acquire a large number of links leading to our site and improve its overall position in Google.

Your own PBN – its advantages and a few other important issues

The SEOUPPER provides us with 50 WordPresses. With this amount of pages, we can build a PBN in a variety of ways, depending on the type of our business. If we offer services or products for example, we can use a PBN page to describe a particular service or product, linking to other subpages of our selected target page.

In our case study, we will describe the construction of PBNs using the pyramid linking strategy. Basically, the pyramid linking strategy is a way of linking in which the whole PBN is divided into several levels. In this situation, the lower level links primarily to a higher level. This method has many advantages:

It is not as easily detected by Google as other linking methods (e.g. the link-wheel method),
The links have more “power”,
We do not risk too much employing it,  because the amount of links leading to the target page is quite small.

When planning a linking method, you should remember that it shouldn’t be too schematic, as it will then be easier to detect. That’s why it is definitely worth it to diversify your linking method:

Diversify the amount of outbound links from subpages on the WordPresses,

Link not only directly between consecutive levels but also, for example, from level 3 to 1,

The links should come not only from text, but also from comments and images, and be both follow and nofollow.

Diversifying linking is one thing, but the heterogeneity of the IP addresses of our links’ sources is equally important. A large number of incoming links from the same IP address looks suspicious right away, so it is a good idea to acquire links from different sources. That is yet another of SEOUPPER’s many advantages — an unprecedented heterogeneity of addressing, namely:

  • over 500 different IP addresses
  • over 160 IP address classes (commonly known among SEOs as class “C” IP addresses)
  • 16 geographical locations
  • Different data centers
  • Different autonomous systems (an issue that is often overlooked when considering diversifying linking sources) – currently 16

You can find more information about IP addressing issues in these articles by Artur Strzelecki (Silesia SEM):

Case study

As previously mentioned, in this article I would like to show the effects of creating PBNs with the bronze package – for 50 Wordpreses. What is more,  the customer ordered the “PBN service bronze package” which meant he put his domains entirely in our hands.

The domains that were purchased to become PBNs had different DNS addresses and whois data, and their registration and indexing dates (that is, by Google robots ) were planned out in time accordingly.


The client who ordered this PBN wished to position 23 phrases that were linked as categories of his website.

We began the preparation of these PBNs by adding domains to the system, along with assigning them to the appropriate IP addresses. In SEOUPPER this activity is limited to adding the list of domains and determining from which countries  these randomly assigned IP addresses should come.

After adding the domains, the script began installing automatically, so after just a few clicks and waiting for the server to reload we had 50 WordPresses ready to go. Themes are also selected randomly from a repository containing about 150 different themes. Many of them can easily be classified as “premium” themes, as they are both elegant and aesthetically pleasing, as well as gathered from several different sources. Features such as setting up a photo slideshow will undoubtedly give the PBNs a professional appearance. Here are some examples of our PBN sites:

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Following a brief overview of the installed scripts we had to decide on the type content we wanted because, after all,  “content is king”. Here, we always have two options to choose from. We can take advantage of the SEOUPPER text ordering panel (an ordering system handled by professional SEO copywriters) or add content written independently by us or by one of our  own seocopywriters  – we invite you to check out our tutorial “Where can I get appealing content?”.
In both cases, we can use both content containing synonyms (SEOUPPER has a mixing tool for this purpose) as well as standard content. Ordering texts via SEOUPPER we make payments using points which we must charge our account with.
In our case, we used the text ordering panel and a few days later we had 500 pieces of content ready to be added to our WordPresses. In order to make our PBN pages look even more professional, we decided to enhance them with pictures and videos related to the content.
Searching for suitable images, we could either:

  • Download free photos from stock photography sites, e.g.
  • Use the Google Image Downloader which downloads multiple pictures from Google Images according to our preferences (phrase, size, color scheme, and whatever else interests us the most – in this case the type of license as well)

There are many sources from which we can obtain free pictures to then put them on our website (legally). Free pictures are also provided by websites designed for just that purpose (e.g. Photostock) as well as social networking sites where users share their photos. Thanks to its advanced image searches, Google offers us many options


Deciding on automation, we took advantage of a second source which allowed us to quickly build a sizable photo base related to our article topics. When we needed videos, we used YouTube videos related to the topic at hand. Not only does SEOUPPER automatically install scripts, but it also installs plug-ins such as a plug-in that allows videos from YouTube to be easily added (all that needs to be done is add a link to the video in the text).
Before we started adding content, we took a moment to plan our PBNs linking strategy. To do this, we used Excel, due to how fast and easy it makes data exportation to CSV. In order to get a basic overview of the linking scheme, we created a diagram in the new Google Docs tool called Fusion Tables.

One of the biggest facilitations when adding content to the PBNs in SEOUPPER is the “Autolinker” function. Thanks to Autolinker,  adding links to texts has become incredibly simple. Basically, adding a link has been  reduced to simply providing a list of links in the “URL, anchor” form. Hence our eagerness to use Excel, as it allows us to quickly generate such a list. If an error occurs, a phrase needs to be changed, or we simply want to change the link addresses, we can change the URL and anchor almost instantly. When the pyramid linking scheme is employed, SEOUPPER simplifies it for us by generating a report from previously posted entries. This way, we obtain a list ready to  from the lower levels of the pyramid.

When we have well-defined URLs to link to on the target page as well as a set of phrases, adding the texts along with the links takes very little time. When adding the content, we can also choose a publication date that suits us. We can also either set the date of the entry to be in the past (the entry will be added at once, and the date of publication will remain as we wanted it), or in the future (e.g. the publication of 100 entries, 2 entries per day starting from a certain date).


After completing all of the steps, the only thing left to do was wait for results.  Each of the domains linked to the rest of the domains as well as other sources. The results were noticeable after less than a month, and just 2 days after the “subtle” strengthening of the entire PBN via strong links, the first increases were noticeable. The changes in phrase positions was as presented below:

Number of search results

Liczba wyników wyszukiwania Position on Mai 3rd Position on June 10th Change
499 000 0 13 +87
130 000 46 15 +31
53 900 0 14 +86
58 600 0 34 +66
107 000 0 17 +83
92 800 0 13 +87
454 000 0 19 +81
183 000 0 20 +80
232 000 0 5 +95
881 000 0 10 +90
730 000 0 9 +91
468 000 0 6 +94
38 700 20 9 +11
84 800 0 7 +93
125 000 0 11 +89
190 000 0 11 +89
146 000 24 7 +17
297 000 33 12 +21
35 700 0 11 +89
212 000 55 1 +54
197 000 0 12 +88
6 480 0 14 +86
61 600 21 4 +17



What’s next?

Our next step will be further PBN linking – catlaoging each PBN domain.  Next month we will show you the next statistics.


An almost 400% traffic increase 6 months later!
A description of the situation after 6 months

After the first result check, we went on with our work. Here’s what we have been able o achieve over a six month period.

Position changes

Here are the positions from before creating the PBN, 3 months after it was created, and 6 months after it was created:

From the figures above one can draw the following conclusions:

  • 4 phrases remained in their positions since June,
  • 3 phrases decreased slightly (a decrease of barely 1 position)
  • 16 items have improved their positions.

For a better overview of the effects, we’ve also added the September positions. As you can see, a PBN is a good investment that allows us to maintain a stable position for longer periods of time.
How does this affect website traffic? The screenshot below clearly show that the sites positioned via PBN get most of their traffic from Google.

Compared to the period before positioning began, traffic from search engines has increased by 400%!

Conducted work

What happened over the six month period, from June to January?
The PBNs have been improved in terms of aesthetics (minor corrections, usually concerning visually unattractive WordPress themes).
However, we paid the most attention to linking. Each domain has been linked from various sources, such as:

  • web 2.0 profiles,
  • social bookmarks,
  • free blogs,
  • sites with articles.

All of the links obtained have also been additionally linked from other sources to ensure better indexing. Linking from other sources was repeated every month.
Below are the domain parameters  in MajesticSEO after being linked:

Bulk Backlink Checker   Majestic SEO

Additionally, in order to obtain more links to PBNs, we created social media profiles for each domain.
Delicious (
Diigo (
Friendfeed (
Instapaper (
Livejournal (
Plurk (
StumbleUpon (
Tumblr (
WordPress (

Each entry from every domain was published on all of these social networking profiles – 50 domains x 5 entries x 9 social media profiles, making a total of 2,250 links, resulting in a total of 2250 links from social networking sites.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without a “small automation” of the process. To set up accounts on social networking sites we used ZennoPoster, and publishing posts on social networking profiles was greatly facilitated by a special Social Network Auto Poster plug-in. (

Working with plug-ins is very simple:


What helped us achieve this result?

It’s no secret that in order to achieve this result, we had to optimize the client’s webpage:
most of the phrases have dedicated subpages,
there is a large amount of content on the page with the appropriate keyword density,
the site has all the right meta tags and headers.
Additionally, we offered our client an extra service, enabling him to get more links leading to his site – a whisper marketing campaign taking place on carefully selected forums and as well as cataloging the site in a few of the best catalogs.


We believe that it is highly profitable to invest in your own PBN. In a time of the Disavow Tool and manual filters, this is currently one of the safest positioning techniques available. Of course, this is true only when all of the work is carried out wisely, using common sense, and when it is supported by other linkbuilding activities.

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